Strength d8

Intellect d4

Agility d8

Spirit d6

Stamina d6

Luck d4

Animal Handling d6

Riding d8

Athletics d4

Discipline d6

Willpower d8
Toughness d10

Melee d6

Swords d10
Shields d8

Ranged Weapons d6

Chivalry (+2/-2): The knight is honor-bound to follow a code of rules on how to behave and the rules of engagement. While he and his companions follow this code, the knight gains a +2 bonus to all actions. If he breaks the code or the knight witnesses his companions breaking the code, the knight suffers a -2 penalty.


Strength d4

Intellect d10

Agility d6

Spirit d8

Stamina d4

Luck d4

Discipline d6

Focus d8
Willpower d8

Knowledge d6

Language d8
Arcane d10

Perception d4

Arcane Magic d6

Enchantment d8
Evocation d10

Sociability d4

Wisdom with Age (+2/-2): In the wizard's many years of studies and experience, he has learned many things. The wizard gains a +2 bonus on mental tasks while receiving a -2 penalty on physical tasks.

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