Arcane magic is the magic found in most traditional fantasy settings. It is an all-purpose type of magic; the abilities of an arcane caster are left up to the player's imagination. Arcane magic is the magic of wizards, witches, sorcerers, magicians, etc.

Learning Arcane MagicEdit

Arcane magic is all about the user's knowledge of mystic secrets that allow one to manipulate the universe at a whim. An arcane magic user must learn the secrets of any spell before the spell can be used.

The simplest method is for the caster to use a reference while casting. This would require the user to perform an action such as reading from a spellbook or scroll to cast the intended spell. This method allows for a wide range of spells to be available to the caster, but referencing the materials requires an Intellect + Knowledge(Arcane) test against the spell's study TN. Not including the time that it may take the caster to find the desired spell in the reference, this method also doubles the casting time of any spell as the caster must essentially learn the spell on the spot.

Memorizing spells is more complicated, but it allows a caster to quickly cast the spells with which they are familiar. In order to memorize spells, the caster must study reference materials for one hour per every three spells that they are trying to memorize. The caster begins by making a Spirit + Discipline(Focus) test. The result represents the caster's memory; this test is only done once at the beginning of the study session. The caster then makes an Intellect + Knowledge(Arcane) test against each spell's study TN as if they were referencing the materials for a casting. Success means that the spell is memorized, taking up the amount of memory that corresponds to the "memory points" number assigned to every spell. Each raise decreases the memory point total of the spell by one. Failure means that the spell is not memorized. This must be repeated for each spell that is memorized.

Once a caster memorizes a spell, the spell can be called upon at any time. However, if a caster decides to change which spells they have memorized, they must re-roll the Spirit + Discipline(Focus) test for memory and re-memorize all of their spells, not just the new ones that they are learning.

A caster can also spend a week in a well-equipped research facility. Doing so allows them to automatically use the maximum possible result for the Spirit + Discipline(Focus) test as their memory. The Intellect + Knowledge(Arcane) test used to study the references must still be made, but the high quality research materials would most likely offer bonuses to the test.

Casting Arcane MagicEdit

Arcane magic users have two methods in casting their spells:


Incantations are the bread and butter spells of the arcane magic user.


Categories of Arcane SpellsEdit

Levels of FantasyEdit

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